A Letter from the President

Dear Seacrest Beach Club Members,

Welcome to the 66th summer season at Seacrest Beach Club, we are looking forward to another great summer at the Jersey Shore.

This past fall and winter were very quiet at Seacrest with not a lot of activity which was a little out of the norm. The spring however, will bring more activity getting ready for the new summer season. The road contractor will begin work any day now to continue to build back the crown in the road and reestablish the gutter system to direct the water out to Kittiwake. We have a little building work happening on a beach front property and a potential project still slated for a property on Keith Lane.  

Safety as always is a very important topic, whether on land or sea. This year we will purchase helmets for the guards to wear anytime they are in the boat. You will notice new speed limit signs posted around the beach side roads. This is an effort to get everyone that travels in and around our community to slow down. We have too many kids and families riding bikes and walking our streets. We must be vigilant in our efforts to get everyone to SLOW DOWN! We are also researching portable lightning detectors with all our neighboring beaches which could be in service for this summer. We are still looking at several different models to determine the best fit for our beaches.

The winter winds, as always, dropped a lot of sand on the east side or bottom of the dune at the fence line. Last year Toms River sent crews out to open up the walkways and other access points and clean and reinstall Mobi Mats etc., I’m not sure they will be doing that again this year and I will be following up with the town on this.

The Social Committee is working hard on getting us together for some fun events over the summer so stay tuned for further discussion at the spring meeting. Speaking of the Spring Meeting, it will be held at the OB Fire House for an in person meeting on Saturday May 28th  at 10am. Please try your best to attend as we will be voting on our new By-Law changes.

Our treasurer Jim Testa has worked diligently to put together our new budget for this year. We have been able to maintain the dues at last year’s amount of $790.00 plus your beach lease assessment fee . Please check your email for the annual dues letter and invoices and remit your payments as soon as possible.

Last but definitely not least, at the beginning of March everyone within 200 feet of the Ocean Beach Marina located on Kittiwake Avenue received a notice from the Toms River Zoning Board of Adjustment. It stated that Ocean Bay Holding, LLC has applied to the township of Toms River Board of Adjustment for minor subdivision approval, a d(3) use variance for an existing boat yard, the expansion of a non-conforming use, minor site plan approval and variance relief for a side yard setback. This came to the board’s attention within days of the receipt of the notice. After many conversations and recommendations from residents with legal backgrounds the board decided to seek professional and legal representation. The board felt it was imperative that we get out in front of this situation to see exactly what the marina’s intentions are. We will update the membership at the spring meeting so please make every effort to attend.

I look forward to seeing everyone on May 28th,  10am at the Fire House, but in the meantime go wax down those surf boards.

Respectfully yours,

Jim Conover