“A Seacrest Morning” – A Poem by a Former Member

Recently, the following poem written by former Seacrest Beach member Bill Banyar (who passed away from ALS in 2006) was discovered.  After uncovering the poem and realizing how well it captured the essence of our community, we couldn’t help but share it with each of you to enjoy.

“A Seacrest Morning”

The smell of salt air through an open window
The rush of surf breaking gently against the sandy shore,
The sun reflecting brightly off a calm, blue-green ocean,
The cries of gulls circling overhead in a cloudless sky,
The faint, far-away voices of early-risers walking the beach,
The sound of a passing car on a pebbly road,
The soft footsteps and reassuring noises fo a home coming to life,
And the delicious feeling of anticipating another day full of summertime
possibilities, and of being encircled by familiarity and love.


Bill Banyar
1947- 2006

The Banyar Family Seacrest Members