A Special Seacrest “Thank You” to our Volunteers

To the Members of Seacrest Beach Club,

Well, the summer season is now upon us.  During this past month much work has been accomplished.  As noted many times, we have entered into uncharted territory, so it required many changes from the club’s usual preparation for the season.  Calls went out for volunteers to help get the beach ready for the season. 

Whether you made it for one hour or several days, the Board would like to extend our gratitude to all volunteers for your assistance.  You know the old saying “many hands make light work”.  It certainly held true to word this past month.

There are events that are held during the season, and there are always volunteers who step up and offer their talents.  The Board and the membership do appreciate your service.

Membership participation is what makes a club like Seacrest Beach Club such a special place.  Once again thanks to all.


Thom Kuruc

Seacrest Beach Club