About Seacrest Beach Club

Seacrest Beach Club is a small, private family beach community on the northern barrier island section of Toms River Township, New Jersey. Established in 1954, our community has served as summer paradise for our members, friends, and guests who enjoy great surf, private beaches, and beautiful sunsets.

Throughout the year, Seacrest Beach holds several community-centric special events.

Meet Our Board of Governors

Our community could not survive without the self-less support of our volunteers.  Seacrest Beach Club would like to thank the tireless efforts of our Board of Governors – both past and present.

  • Jim Conover, President
  • PJ Bjorneby, Vice President
  • Jim Testa, Treasurer
  • Maureen O’Neil, Secretary
  • Bob Schwarzenbek, Past President Trustee
  • Tara Harris, Trustee
  • Andy Koltunowicz, Trustee
  • Charlie Ruegger, Trustee
  • Kathleen Stolzenberger, Trustee


Beach Committee
Bob Schwarzenbeck (Chair)
Jim Conover

Building Committee 
Charlie Ruegger (Chair)
Bob Schwarzenbek

Roads/Grounds Committee
Charlie Ruegger (Chair)
Andy Koltunowicz

Social Committee
PJ Bjorneby (Chair)
Tara Harris

By-Law Committee
Kathleen Stolzenberger (Chair)
Bob Schwarzenbek
Marjorie Brown
Andy Koltunowicz

Nominating Committee
Eileen Barron (Chair)