Darren Pisano, Chair of the Social Committee, Steps Down After 5 Incredible Years of Service

After another successful Seacrest Beach Day, our community was informed that the man responsible for organizing and executing all of our great special events of the last five years is stepping down.  Seacrest Beach Club thanks Darren Pisano for his tireless effort, endless hours, and incredible patience in putting together numerous great events for our community to enjoy.

Darren wished to share a letter with the community, which you can see below:

To the Seacrest Community —

I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this year’s lunch party on the beach.  It was extremely difficult conditions with the heat this year, and everyone did a fantastic job. 

Specifically, I want to thank Dom Giordano and Kerry Bowden for selling tickets; Butch Amendolagine and Gene Palermo for working the grill; Rob and Steve Demaria for help with food prep; John and Christine Nunziato for help setting up and use of their garage; and everyone else who donated their time and effort to make this a great event this year, along with the past 5 years.   

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone in this great community who has attended our wonderful events the past 5 years, from the block party, to the BBQ lunch on the beach, to the band in the evening.  We have had lots of fun at all of these events, and knowing most of you for as long as I have, that is no surprise.

With that said, this will be my final year as part of the Seacrest Social Committee.  After 5 years, it is time to take a break and enjoy these events as an attendee.  I am hoping that some of you will see the value in these events for the community and will step up to run the committee next year and moving forward.  If you think you would like to help out, please see myself or any board member as we would love to have your input and help moving forward. 


Darren Pisano