Happy July 4th from the Seacrest Lifeguards

“Happy 4th of July!

The weather looks like it will be on our side today and tomorrow!

A couple of reminders for a safe, happy, and enjoyable weekend for all:

  • Please listen to your Lifeguards, there are still some more dangerous than usual areas of our water.  The North side of the beach is currently the swimming area for today and tomorrow. I anticipate this to change back starting Tuesday.  If you want to access the sandbar, the North side of the beach is the place to be!  Ask a lifeguard for the safest route out to the sandbar, we are happy to help!
  • There are NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the beach.  Make sure you stay hydrated.
  • There is NO smoking allowed on the beach, this includes vaping in all forms.
  • There are NO bikes or pets allowed on the beach or walkways.
  • Please clean up after yourselves if you make a mess.  There are Garbage Cans placed at various points on the beach for easy access.
  • If you choose to light off fireworks during the evening, please clean up after yourselves, and place garbage by cans, or in cans.
  • Please keep ball playing to a minimum and away from other beachgoers.
  • Please be mindful of your music volume.
  • Please no tents or pop-up tents, these are not allowed.

Additionally, I know the water has been cold, this means land-based activities…digging holes, a favorite pastime…your guard will be reminding you that knee-deep is the max depth.

The CrabMan Memorial Lifeguard tournament is being held today, Sunday, July 3rd.  Signups start at 10:00 am.  The tournament starts promptly at 1:06 pm!

**Lightning Safety.  Yesterday everyone was very cooperative and understanding about the Lifeguards clearing the beach due to electrical activity.  Thank you! This is not an easy determination to make, we take this role very seriously.

Please remember that once the beach is cleared a beach closed sign is posted, as well as a rope placed across the walkway.  We are obligated by the Health Department’s expectations to close the beach for 30 minutes following the last sign of electrical storm activity, Thunder, and/or Lightning.  Your Lifeguard will likely not be present during these closures (as they are expected to remain safe as well) to assist you should you choose to ignore these warnings. Your decision places not only yourself at unnecessary risk, but the safety of those who may choose to help you should tragedy strike.   Please be patient and wait for the beach to officially open up, they are just as excited for the danger to pass as you are!**

Also, Bob knows that a lot of people have expressed interest in the lifeguard sweatshirts this year and last.  He is trying to set up some options for the club and hopes to have more developments on this in the next week!!

Thank you again, we are looking forward to a safe and enjoyable two days!!!

Your Seacrest Lifeguard Team