Join us for Seacrest Surf Day 2019

Seacrest Surf Day 2019 will be held on Saturday August 17th  from 10:00am – 12:30 on Seacrest Beach, followed by the traditional paddle out and free surf.

Registration Required
$25.00 Registration fee  

Registration Fee includes Seacrest Surf Day beach towel, drawstring back pack, water/soda and a light snack from Gringos. Register your surfer with Dom or Michelle Giordano on the beach, at  44 Basra Lane or email by Thursday August 8 to be sure to get a towel and bag.

**Only Registered surfers will get a surf day towel and bag and  be eligible for SWAG BAGS from our participating sponsors**

Don’t Forget To Bring your surfboard!

Inexperienced surfers must be accompanied by an adult for the paddle out