Kicking off the 65th Summer Season at Seacrest Beach

Dear Seacrest Beach Club Members,

Welcome to the 65th summer season at Seacrest Beach Club, let’s make more fond memories this season.

This past fall and winter were very busy and productive at Seacrest; we have a new home on Abby Lane, additions to a home on Seacrest Drive and plans underway for a property on Keith Lane. You will also see some new Mobi mats installed on the main walkway and in both bump outs at the top of the dunes. We’ve moved our Wi-Fi and router to an all season cabinet mounted at the entrance of the ramp. It had been graciously housed for many years by the Craig’s, for which we thank them very much.

There’s also all new conduit and Cat5 cable run to the camera, and we are planning on installing a Wi-Fi antenna on the camera pole in order to provide a passcode protected Wi-Fi signal on the beach. We installed four new Club signs as well, on the north, south and east corners and one on the corner of Abby and Kittywake. I personally want to thank Bob Schwarzenbeck, past President, Beach Committee Chair and Grounds member for spear heading all of this activity. Bob negotiated some great deals and also saved the club hundreds of more dollars by picking up all the Mobi mats himself in his personal truck, THANK YOU Bob!!

Last fall you all elected a new board; I’m excited to serve our members alongside these dedicated volunteers. We got off to a fast start, getting some great projects started to benefit the membership. Along with all the work on the beach, we are redesigning our website for ease of use and more functionality. Vetting contractors to get our roads back in shape once and for all. Jim Testa our Treasurer has been working tirelessly on a fiscally responsible budget, and  we’ve got the committees and chairs in place, which, by the way, are as follows;

Beach Committee
Bob Schwarzenbeck (Chair)
Jim Conover

Building Committee 
Charlie Ruegger (Chair)
Bob Schwarzenbek

Roads/Grounds Committee
Charlie Ruegger (Chair)
Andy Koltunowicz

Social Committee
PJ Bjorneby (Chair)
Tara Harris

By-Law Committee
Kathleen Stolzenberger (Chair)
Bob Schwarzenbek
Marjorie Brown
Andy Koltunowicz

Nominating Committee
Eileen Barron (Chair)

Please feel free to reach out to any board member, but if your question is specific to one of these committees, it may be faster to go direct.  Also, if you have a desire to volunteer and are interested in joining any of the committees, we would welcome you with open arms. The best way to reach us is at
Bob Klaslo our beach manager is preparing to open the beach this year for the season on Saturday June 19th, then after Labor Day there will only be weekend coverage through September 19th.

This is the first year in many that we have not plowed the sand on our beach. Toms River Township forbids the individual beaches to do any maintenance like this to our beaches, so it will be interesting to see what Mother Nature has left for us this summer. Bob and the guards are here for our safety, to run the beach in an orderly manner and to help. Let’s help them by doing our part to respect the rules and one another.
Shane Skwarek our web master has posted the Fall Meeting Minutes, the 2021 Budget, 2021 Beach Club Fee Schedule, and the Invoices for the Bay Side and Ocean Side Residences. Please log on to to review all these items.
Regarding the 2021 Seacrest Beach Club yearly dues, there are two invoices posted in the Member Documents section.  One invoice is for the bay side members and the other for the ocean side members.  All properties located east of Route 35 North (including properties located on Route 35 North) are considered an ocean side residence; therefore, please use the ocean side invoice.  All properties west of Route 35 are considered a bay side residence and should use the bay side invoice.
Ocean side invoices include a $10 beach lease assessment, which is in addition to the yearly dues.
Bay side invoices include a $20 beach lease assessment, which is in addition to the yearly dues.
Last but not least, we will be getting the roads worked on in the next couple of weeks depending on any rain we may get between now and Memorial Day Weekend.
We’re waxing down our surf boards…we can’t wait for June.
Respectfully yours,
Jim Conover