Letter from the President, January 2020

January 3, 2020

To the Members of Seacrest Beach Club,

First off, the Club would like to thank both Tom Craig who served as the Club Treasurer for over fifteen years and Darren Pisano who served as a Board Trustee for five years.  They have contributed to the year to year planning for the enjoyment of all of the Seacrest members.  I am sure that both will give their continuing support to the Club, even though they will not have an official title on the Board.

I would like now to welcome to the Board Jim Testa as the new Treasurer and PJ Bjorneby as a new Board Trustee.  The Board will benefit with the addition of their expertise in the future administration of the Club.

This past year was interesting, if not trying.  With the beach replenishment completed by the Army Corp of Engineers, the Board had to navigate through the many new regulations that were imposed by Toms River Township due to the dune installation.  Bob Schwarzenbek and I, along with the other Beach Associations, attended winter meetings with the Township Department Heads.  Discussions were held to work through these regulations. 

There were also several Board meetings to discuss the work that needed to be completed in order to get the beach ready for the season.  The most important item that had to be accomplished was getting approval from the Township Engineer for the positioning of all the equipment, water stations, and benches.  Approval was received after the third Site Plan submittal and follow up with the Township Engineer by John Nunziato.  With minor revisions to the plan, and volunteer work contributed by many members, this past summer’s beach layout was the result.  From the many comments that were received this past summer, the present layout was beneficial for all members. 

The By-Laws are currently under review and the Review Committee will be forthcoming with their findings.

I have recently advised the Board that due to health issues, I have regrettably resigned as President and from the Board.  I feel that it is to the benefit of the Club that a new President and Board Member would be able to better serve the Club’s demands in the future.  I do wish to thank you all for your support throughout this past year.

Happy and Healthy New Year to all,
Thom Kuruc