Seacrest Beach Club is proud to have a team of highly trained and experienced lifeguards who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our guests and members. Our lifeguards are ASHI certified in CPR/AED, First Aid, and Advanced First Aid. They are also familiar with the specific hazards of our beach, such as rip currents and sneaker waves.

Our lifeguards are on duty from 9:30am to 5:30pm, seven days a week, during the summer months. They are stationed at multiple locations along the beach, so they are always close by to provide assistance.

If you are ever in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask a lifeguard for help. They are there to keep you safe and ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable day at the beach.

Bob Klaslo

Lifeguard Captain

Rob Riggi Jr.

Lifeguard Lieutenant

Ryan Harris


Jack Johnson


Danny Dibella


Flynn Testa


Aidan Chui Liu


Gabe Plasencia