Our family at Seacrest Beach Club thanks you for considering our community for your summer vacation. We’ve long embraced our guests as one of our own and invite you to join in on all of our beach activities during your stay. In this section, you’ll find all the details you need to make the most of your vacation.

Club Rules

The following rules are for all members, their guests, and renters in keeping Seacrest a desirable place to live. In order to be effective fines will be levied to encourage those who do not participate.

  • Parking on streets is prohibited.
  • Parking of house trailers, trucks, and use of temporary structures such as tents are prohibited.
  • Ball playing: please respect the privacy, rights, and property of owners and residents.
  • Garbage must be kept in covered containers at all times. Keep in mind that gulls easily tear into both black and white plastic bags. Please take in an absent neighbor’s empty trash cans.
  • By townships ordinance and Seacrest rules, dogs must be on a leash when walked at all times. It is the law to remove the dog’s droppings.
  • The exterior of homes, front and back, and their grounds should be kept in good condition. Weeds, untended shrubs, accumulated sand, and over all maintenance should be done on a regular basis.
  • Seacrest is a vacation haven, a place to enjoy with neighbors and friends. Houses are close together. In the evening and early morning hours excessive noise and outdoor maintenance should be kept to a minimum.
  • The speed limit is 10 mph. Please observe this all year round. The reason for the low limit is for the safety of our club members and the maintenance of our unpaved roads. Remember that you are responsible for your friends and renters.

Beach Rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anytime on the beach.
  • Display your family flag whenever you are at the beach. Be sure that your renters do the same. Consider purchasing another flag if you have a large family and sit apart. This helps to prevent unauthorized use of the beach. A heavy fine will be levied if your renter uses your flag.
  • For obvious reasons, picnicking is not permitted on the beach; however, light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. Please do not leave any litter; if someone else has done so, please pick it up.
  • Disrobing on the beach is not permitted.
  • Ball playing of any kind is not permitted during swimming hours in or near the water where people are sitting. These activities are limited to the top of the beach only, away from beach members.
  • Fishing is permitted only when swimming is not.
  • For your safety, swim only within the area designated by the proper colored flags.
    • Green flags: swimming permitted.
    • Yellow flags: swim with caution.
    • Red flags: hazardous conditions, no swimming.
  • Please be aware that the ocean conditions can become dangerous at certain times and obeying the current swimming restrictions is mandatory and for you own safety.
  • Seacrest Beach rules do not permit animals on the beach.
  • The north end of the beach is for surfing, weather and water conditions permitting. The appropriate area is clearly marked. See the lifeguards for pertinent regulations.
  • Umbrellas give comfort when the sunny day, however, in a brisk wind they become extremely dangerous. The lifeguard staff may ask you to lower yours. Do not leave the beach with your umbrella open.
  • Fires are never permitted on the beach.
  • Flying kites is restricted to the early morning and evening non-swimming hours.
  • Carefully screened, well-trained lifeguards are on duty from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Their responsibility is to protect you in the water. When your children are in the water they are your responsibility. The guards duty is water safety.
  • The beach manager has jurisdiction over beach activities and he functions with Seacrest’s rules, which he is required to enforce. He needs your complete cooperation in order to be effective. Please treat our staff with respect.
  • Fireworks are not permitted on the beach at anytime.

Additional Guest Resources