Seacrest Beach Board Annoucement

The board would like to inform you that John Nunziato the current President has tendered his resignation effective immediately.  This situation has made it necessary to accelerate the placement of the newly elected board members as follows;

  • Jim Conover- President
  • PJ Bjorneby-Vice President
  • Maureen O’Neil- Secretary
  • Jim Testa- Treasurer
  • Kathleen Stolzenberger -Trustee
  • Tara Harris-Trustee
  • Charlie Ruegger-Trustee
  • Andy Koltunowicz-Trustee
  • Bob Schwarzenbek-Past President, Trustee

We are excited to get to work on your behalf, and would like to welcome Andy to the board. We are grateful for John’s contributions and dedication during his tenure on the Board and wish him well.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at


Kind regards,

Jim Conover