Seacrest Lifeguard Tournament Results

From head lifeguard Bob Klaslso:

Last evening, The Seacrest Beach Patrol and the Seacrest Community hosted its first lifeguard tournament in a long time. With a very competitive field of 10 teams, beautiful weather, and a huge crowd, it was a resounding success! First, we would like to thank the Seacrest community and its junior guards for all of your support, help, and cheers! We would also like to thank some friends and our generous sponsor Dom’s Deli, who volunteered their time to help out. We couldn’t have done it without you! Finally, we would also like to thank the competitors from our surrounding beach patrols for pulling together 6 guards and bringing their best to the Six Man Showdown at Seacrest Beach!

The Six man showdown at Seacrest beach consisted of the Line pull, Paddle Pick-up, Boat pick up, 6 man paddle relay, Medley relay, kayak relay, and Beach Flags. With each team only allowed to have 6 Guards competing in the tournament, it leveled the playing field for all of the beaches, and demanded the very best from each of its competitors, requiring MULTIPLE events from each team member.

Your Seacrest Beach Patrol took 2nd place overall, following an incredible and gusty performance from all of its crew. Out of overall points contention going into the 6 man paddle relay, the team pulled it together and started climbing its way to the top of the scoreboard. Going into the last two events, your crew was holding onto 3rd place by two points, and by the end of the tournament, following a marathon beach flags event, we had come from behind to take second place overall!

I personally would like to thank Jay, Kevin, Rob, Mike, and Steve for all of their hard work, not only during the tournament, but for their tireless work in setting up and breaking down. This would not have been as huge of a success without your efforts. I would also like to thank the Seacrest Community as a whole for your support. I am proud to be the captain of this patrol and a representative of the community.

Thank you again Seacrest community for this opportunity. We hope that we can only become bigger and better next year!