Share Your Memories or Photos with Us!

Take a look at our Seacrest Memories section of our website. Not only do we have some incredible photos of the past but we are filling up with new 2023 memories. Still a work in progress, I try to capture a photo or two or three from each special event but always welcome photos you may have taken from events or any day at the beach. Simply email me at and I will post them right away. I’m always hoping that members will search for those old photos/ videos of years past. I’ve set up yearly and decades albums for that purpose. If you have digitized copies just email. If it is a print thats fine…I’m able to scan photos right on my phone so you don’t even have to leave the photos with me. I can also take a clip from an old video. Text, email, see me on the beach or stop by and we can set up a time to share.

Photos, memories, historical information of our Seacrest Beach and surrounding area… it is all so important to have for future generations. Today’s photos are tomorrow’s history but we have to save those old photos and those memories now so they aren’t lost.

Maybe you don’t have photos but you are filled with memories…write them down or share with me and I will write them down.

Have fun making summer memories and don’t forget to share some!

Joan Russell
116 Island View